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Saturday, December 20, 2014



Ministry Overview

Established: 1959


Churches: 1 (Home Church)

Members: 12 (2011)

Field Leaders: Ruth & Wilfred Devairakkam 


Current Ministry

Ruth Devairakkam and her husband Wilfred lead the church at Kluang with the help of daughters Joanna and Jerusha.

The church is presently struggling, and has only approximately 12 members.

Ruth and Wilfred hold home meetings including a Sunday worship service in their own home, and are doing personal visitation and counseling among the many contacts that they make.

Their ministry continues mainly on a one-to-one basis and includes:                                                        

  • Reaching out to new contacts (Indian, Chinese and Filipino)
  • Bilingual Church service (Tamil / English) in their home
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Bible Study
  • Chain Prayer
  • House Fellowships
  • Community service for those who seek help (paper-work whenever necessary)
  • Sharing Jesus to the broken-hearted among their contacts (broken families, broken marriages and those contemplating suicide)
  • English-speaking Chinese from other churches have fellowship with us at our service and house meetings


Ernie Schache 
Asia Team Leader
May 2011


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