Thursday, October 02, 2014

First Responders - Call # 4

By the time you read this, we anticipate that Africa/Europe Area Director Bryce Whiting and Pastor Chris Barton will have returned from a trip to Africa. Their itinerary began with a week in the West African country of Nigeria. From Nigeria their itinerary took them to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Port Elizabeth is home to the headquarters of the South African Advent Christian Conference.

While in South Africa, Bryce and Chris participated in the 2nd annual conference of the South African Advent Christian Conference, which took place September 27 - 29. This newly reorganized conference is only two years old. There are five churches, two of which were added in 2012.

In the planning stages, as we communicated with South African conference president Alain Don’Tony, it became clear that the South African churches were not going to be able to conduct the kind of conference they desired without incurring a crippling financial burden. Because the South African conference is so new, and because our ACGC representatives would be attending, we agreed to help meet some of the costs for the conference event. Our contribution was a little over $2,000. This was an unanticipated budget expenditure. We had to borrow money from another budget category to cover this expense.

I ask you to please consider a First Responders gift to help get our budget back in line. Some worthy ministry expenses cannot be anticipated in a budget. Yet, we are grateful for this opportunity to come alongside our brothers and sisters in South Africa and partner with them for this important occasion.

Thank you for considering a gift today.

In Christ’s service,

Jeff Walsh
Director of World Outreach


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